Employees of the crisis management and bankruptcy practice have extensive experience in bankruptcy cases involving individuals and legal entities, including credit organizations and developers. The clients of the practice include the largest construction and industrial companies in St. Petersburg. Karina Epifantseva, head of the crisis management and bankruptcy practice, was marked out by the newspaper Delovoy Petersburg with the nomination for Lawyer of the Year 2018 and Lawyer of the Year – 2019; she is the author of publications on bankruptcy in the methodological journal Legal Work in a Credit Organization, as well as a speaker at numerous conferences organized by the newspaper Delovoy Peterburg, web portal Novy Prospect, information centre KADIS, PJSC Sberbank and the St.Petersburg legal forum Business Law.

Key services are:

Conducting a bankruptcy case in the interests of the debtor:


  • Legal support of the company's activities during the crisis, corporate conflict, or hostile takeover
  • Complex defense of business beneficiaries in the framework of bringing to subsidiary liability, recovery of losses, criminal prosecution, personal bankruptcy
  • Debt restructuring and reorganization of the debtor's business: support of transactions on the acquisition of distressed assets by investors, including legal and financial Due Diligence


Recovery of problem debt (conducting bankruptcy proceedings in the interests of the creditor):


  • Recovery of bad debts, including enforcement proceedings and initiation of bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor
  • Strategic planning and management of bankruptcy procedures in the interests of the creditors
  • Negotiating with debtors
  • Collection of information on the debtor for further managerial decisions


Conducting a bankruptcy case in the interests of a bank that is a pledge lender:


  • Strategic planning and organization of bankruptcy procedures
  • Prevention of inclusion in the register of creditors affiliated with the debtor
  • Countering a debtor that delays the foreclosure, including by initiating bankruptcy procedures
  • Rapid conduct of bankruptcy proceedings and removal of the debtor's CEO from the management of the debtor's enterprise
  • Negotiations with potential investors to purchase the right of claim of the bank secured by pledge
  • Organization of the bidding in respect of the pledged items, in accordance with the regulations on disposal proposed by the bank
  • Bringing the debtor’s CEO to subsidiary liability, liability in the form of indemnification
  • Challenging the debtor's transactions – return of the withdrawn assets
  • Structuring and support of settlement agreements between the creditors and the debtor at different stages of the bankruptcy case